IPS Has Created Innovative Partnerships with a Number of Indigenous Communities

Van Donation to Band

As part of our commitment to creating a strong, skilled, and diverse workforce, IPS has created innovative partnerships with a number of Indigenous communities.

To deliver on our goal of improving and enhancing employment and economic opportunities for our Indigenous partners, we designed and implemented a Train-to-Employ program. The program’s delivery model will create an Indigenous workforce with skills they will put into practice in the safety industry.

Many shared benefits have resulted from these ongoing, professional relationships: remote communities enjoy increased employment rates, economic prosperity, and a heightened presence of skilled workers able to respond to medical emergencies; IPS expands its staff complement in response to a growing need; and clientele have profitable opportunities to create linkages and partnerships of their own.

To learn more about our existing affiliations or to explore new partnership opportunities, please contact the IPS Calgary office at +1-403-264-6435.