IPS Offers a Range of Clinic Services


To help you achieve and maintain a healthy, fit, and productive workforce, IPS offers a range of clinic services. All IPS staff are trained and well-versed in a variety of programs and health and wellness topics.

Every IPS clinic adheres to either CAPP or OSHA guidelines, with comprehensive protocols to complement our services.

Examples include:

  • Disability claim administration
  • Return-to-work (RTW) programs
  • Flu clinics
  • Health seminars (e.g. blood pressure, diabetes, nutrition, and cholesterol levels)
Front Desk Clinic
IPS Comprehensive Care Management
IPS Health and Wellness

Proven IPS Success Record

  • Manages medical emergencies on site to significantly decrease the amount of off-site referrals. IPS has reduced client costs by as much as 80%.
  • Reduced cost to the client by using existing clinic resources to manage the client’s on-site annual physicals.
  • Developed a custom reporting system that provides weekly, monthly or quarterly statistics that helps clients manage their health and safety costs.

Download our IPS Clinic Feature List (PDF) to access a complete listing of our clinic features and services.

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