About IPS

At IPS We Believe In Raising The Bar

With over 500 EMS professionals and a fleet of up to 140 vehicles at peak season, IPS has the resources necessary to keep Canadians safe. We have proudly served a variety of industry sectors for over 20 years.

We work with the Alberta Health Services to provide the Vital Heart Response Program in isolated areas which links Alberta Health Services and Emergency Medical Services paramedics across central and northern Alberta to cardiologists within the Edmonton area 24/7.

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CPR Class

We support our team and provide in-house training for Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and International Trauma Life Support (ITLS).

At IPS We Believe In Strong Management, Targeted Programs, And The Best Tools To Do A Great Job

Comprehensive Case Management

In the oilfield industry, safety and the health and well-being of workers is of utmost importance. A challenge which many employers face is the management of injured or ill workers. Prime contractors who are also responsible for injuries and illnesses occurring on their worksite want to be appropriately managing these cases to keep costs and incident scores low.

IPS offers comprehensive and tailor-made third party case management services for employers and prime contractors. IPS’s OHNs are available for 24 hour on-call services for incidents, illnesses and injuries. Our OHNs are skilled in case management, CAPP, OSHA, WCB, WorkSafe BC, and ensuring that confidentiality is maintained at all points during this process.

Through the utilization of this service, employers and prime contractors can expect all injuries and incidents to be medically managed, and reasonable measures implemented to prevent cases from increasing in severity level. This service will also decrease lost time injury and return employees to work sooner. On average, clients will recognize a savings of about 1% of their annual payroll.

Audits & Inspections

IPS has a full time field supervisor’s that audit the on-site operations.

This includes:

  • Equipment and vehicle positioned correctly and ready to respond
  • Paperwork being completed properly
  • Skill Assessment
  • Quarterly inspections are completed by management and reviewed by clinic staff
  • Bi-annual audits are required to be completed by on-site clinic staff and reviewed with management
  • Quarterly safety site visits with IPSs safety lead and management
  • On-site management involvement

Full time QA/QI & Training Manager

IPS is committed to providing quality personnel. 100% of our patient care reports and first aid reports are audited and feedback is provided to each of our medics. In-house training and on-site skills assessment ensures our medics are familiar with processes and protocols and their skills are up to date.

Safety Enhancement Program

For our clients we are dedicated to providing industry leading service and training, so we provide a Safety Enhancement Program, and a Full time QA/QI & Training Manager for each client.

  • IPS offers ongoing statistics for monthly reporting on incidents, KPIs, number of patients seen, type of injuries, off-site referrals, trending of incidents, medical injuries or illnesses.
  • Custom reporting to meet client requirements.

Our Goal: To Provide Exceptional And Integrated Medical And Fire Services

We continually meet this goal through a commitment to exceeding the highest standards and maintaining a reputation as a premier service provider throughout Western Canada.

Our standards are visible in all facets of the work we do and the people we train:

The IPS Safety Enhancement Strategy (SES) ensures that all staff supplement their rigorous medical training with information about our clients’ health, safety, and environmental programs. By learning about the inner workings of your business, IPS Safety Assistants increase workplace efficiencies and free up time for you to devote to your daily operations.

IPS’s Medical Director monitors all pre-hospital and clinical care.

IPS medical fleet trucks are never more than three years old to ensure they boast the latest safety features. All vehicles are fitted with the equipment and resources necessary to accommodate lengthy patient transports and manage a wide range of medical emergency needs.

We are pleased to be an equal opportunity organization and maintain strong partnerships with many Indigenous communities. Learn more about our experiences and affiliations.

It would be our pleasure to serve you, so please contact us to schedule a consultation.