At IPS We Offer Safety Program Development To Match Our Clients' Current Management System And Structure

Program Development

At IPS we offer Safety Program Development with the ability to develop corporate safety manuals from the ground up or revise them to match our clients’ current management system and structure.

This may be at the field site or in the office, part-time or full-time. It is often more cost effective to hire a qualified safety professional on a part-time basis rather than employ a full-time un-qualified safety practitioner.

Examples of projects that we have undertaken include:

  • Complete safety manuals;
  • Codes of practice;
  • Hazard and risk assessments;
  • Hearing conservation programs;
  • Custom orientations, including web-based and in-person;
  • Fall protection plans; and
  • Transportation safety program

Program Support

Our safety management team has the ability to assist our clients with managing their current safety management program.

Examples of projects that we have undertaken include:

  • Full-time support for both prime contractors and service companies; both in the field and office based.
  • Part-time support for small service companies;
  • Mentoring for new safety practitioners;
  • On-call support for incident management, owner client audits, and regulatory inspections; and
  • Registry management (e.g. ISNetworld, ComplyWorks).

Contractor Safety Compliance

IPS management team assists our clients with managing their contractor’s safety compliance. We can develop processes which allow our clients to manage their contractors or we can audit and review their contractor’s safety compliance on their behalf.

Examples of projects that we have undertaken include:

  • Develop contractor management programs, including pre-qualification processes;
  • Audit existing contractor management programs;
  • Conduct safety audits and safety audits on our client’s at-risk contractors; and
  • At the request of our clients, assist their contractors with improving their safety compliance.

Safety Auditing & Inspections

IPS management team has extensive experience conducting safety audits and inspections. We can conduct standard procedure based audits within the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program or conduct a custom risk based audit where our clients are experiencing difficulty within their management system. We also have the ability to conduct basic site safety inspections to determine site hazards and controls.

Examples of projects that we have undertaken include:

  • Conduct COR audits within Western Canada;
  • Develop custom risk-based audit protocols;
  • Inventory confined spaces; and
  • Conduct safety inspections of work sites using formal reporting

Incident & Investigation

IPS management team has the skill to investigate all types of incidents. We have a thorough understanding of the reporting requirements for safety and environmental regulators.

Examples of projects that we have undertaken include:

  • Conduct incident investigations for Occupational Health & Safety reportable incidents, including workplace fatalities;
  • Conduct incident investigations for large scale environmental incidents;
  • Conduct incident investigations for vehicle related incidents; and
  • Assist with defense strategies for environment and safety related trials.

Safety Enhancement Program

Provides ongoing statistics to our clients to monitor any information required for monthly reporting.

Monitoring of: incidents, KPIs, number of patients seen, types of injuries, off site referrals, trending of incidents, trending medical injuries or illnesses, etc.

IPS has developed their own unique Custom Site Assessment Tools to help determine on-site safety coverage and needs. Contact us for more information.

Our medics are trained to assist in the safety enhancement program.