1. What is your scope?


2. How long have you worked with IPS?

Casual- 2014 Fulltime- July 2016

3. What types of schedules have you worked?

2 weeks on 2 weeks off

4. What is your background before training?

Pharmacy Technician
Registered Nurse

5. What types of locations have you worked at?

Hospital setting- rural Innisfail, Red Deer Regional Hospital, Misericordia
Industrial- Fort McMurray, MacClelland Lake (case management for Civeo), Christina Lake

6. What is camp life like in remote settings?

It can be challenging at times, but overall it’s a good career. It can difficult to keep up with the skills you acquire in hospital settings

7. Is remote medical work challenging and rewarding?

Yes. Very much so. Always learning something. However being away from family can be challenging. And being outside of the hospital can present a challenge as well. The team I work with, we work collaboratively to provide the best patient care.

8. What type of cases do you typically see?

Respiratory illnesses, ergonomic injuries, cold/flu, rashes/insect bites, dehydration, chest pain/discomfort, minor lacerations.

9. What are your co-workers like?

Fantastic. Love working with them. Great team work.

10. If and when you are on your own, how do you handle an incident?

In our clinic we always have each other to talk to and to get advice from. Remaining calm in serious incidents. Provide the best possible care until additional help arrives.

11. What advice would you pass on to others looking to work in this environment?

It’s a great learning experience and I would recommend doing it. You can see a wide variety of diseases and disorders which require education and experience to recognize them. In remote settings you have the opportunity to work with a great team, be exposed to learning experiences, a lot of teaching about health and wellness.