1. What is your scope?

Firefighter / Paramedic

2. How long have you worked with IPS?

I have worked for IPS for 3 ½ years

3. What types of schedules have you worked?

Mostly 2 and 2 but I have done a few rotations of 9 and 5 and a few 3 and 1

4. What is your background before training?

Before becoming a Paramedic I worked in mostly in auto repair/body shops. I also worked retail and restaurants. Prior to becoming a Paramedic I was hired by a Fire Dept. and went through the Academy. I graduated University with a B.Sc. but stayed with the Fire Dept. and went on to become a Paramedic.

5. What types of locations have you worked at?

Prior to IPS I have done Fire based EMS, County based EMS, Private EMS as well as Hospital EMS. I have worked Emergency call only EMS, transfer truck service and combined service.

With IPS I have done construction camps, working plants, and clinic based

6. What is camp life like in remote settings?

Camp life can be fun and interesting its all in what you make of it. Camps are small and you see the same people everyday. These people are your clients, they respect you and the work you perform. If you take the time to get to know them it makes your work/day that much more enjoyable

7. Is remote medical work challenging and rewarding?

Remote work is both . You have to think on your feet and have a good feeling for what is “normal.” You have to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations and be able to work on your own. The rewarding part is knowing you have been able improve your patient/clients condition. The best part is when they come back to you and say “thank you, you made me feel better”

8. What type of cases do you typically see?

You can see anything from bug bites, nick and cuts to Heart Attacks and major trauma

9. What are your co-workers like?

My co workers are the best! I love working with them everyday!

10. If and when you are on your own, how do you handle an incident?

STAY CALM!!! Let your training be your guide. Consult your protocols and if you have access to some one else I the medical field ask if you can’t figure it out on your own

11.What advice would you pass on to others looking to work in this environment?

Be comfortable and sure of your skills. If you are a Firefighter/Paramedic you really should have at least 5 years working on a truck with a busy service. Be comfortable in being alone for long periods of time with limited communication.