1. What is your scope?


2. How long have you worked with IPS?

11 years

3. What types of schedules have you worked?

All, anything from day jobs to 21 and 7, recently mostly 2 and 2

4. What is your background before training?


5. What types of locations have you worked at?

Drilling rigs, service rigs, forest fires, pine beetle project, pipeline, SAGD, oilfield road construction, building construction, well shutdowns, fracs, environmental water sampling, probably some more that I can’t remember.

6. What is camp life like in remote settings?

You have to experience it for yourself as every site is different and the people you are with are different.

7. Is remote medical work challenging and rewarding?

It can be depending on the call and the site. Some sites you don’t see patients for months at a time.

8. What type of cases do you typically see?

Mostly colds and flus, some minor injuries, some random medical calls, some more severe calls up to and including MIs, seizures, bear attacks, chemical exposure, etc.

9. What are your co-workers like?
10. If and when you are on your own, how do you handle an incident?

Trust in my knowledge and skills and call for backup early depending on the incident.

11. What advice would you pass on to others looking to work in this environment?

Keep up on your skills. Learn to keep yourself busy. You may be on your own with a lot of downtime for long periods of time.