1. What is your scope?


2. How long have you worked with IPS?

I have worked for Three years with IPS.

3. What types of schedules have you worked?

I have been very fortunate that I have worked 95% of my time as Two weeks on and Two weeks off.

4. What is your background before training?

I started working on an ambulance in July of 1989. I worked a lot of different jobs prior to joining the ambulance field. I worked in the fisheries, forestry, Mining industry and sales and was in the military for a couple of years.

5. What types of locations have you worked at?

I worked on a pipeline, a couple of camps and a couple of Clinics.

6. What is camp life like in remote settings?

I have come to enjoy the camp life. They provide Three meals a day, clean and make my bed daily. They provide a place to exercise. They also have pool tables, dart boards, table tennis and musical instruments. Also a great opportunity to meet new people.

7. Is remote medical work challenging and rewarding?

Remote medical work has its challenge and rewards. In a clinic team work is essential. We all have the opportunity to have input on patient care. You are never alone when making decisions about patient care. I believe we provide very good patient care with our team approach.

8. What type of cases do you typically see?

We our very lucky that we have a large variety of types of cases. We range from cough, cold and flu symptoms to cardioversion and to thrombolytic treatment. You never know what you will be dispatched to or what will walk through your door.

9. What are your co-workers like?

I get to work with a team that is made up of a variety of health care professionals. At times you may have a personal conflict with a member that will resolve itself. I have never had a conflict when patient care is being performed .

10. If and when you are on your own, how do you handle an incident?

I had the opportunity to work in a camp setting. I was the only health care provider there. I realized that IPS had Two clinics that were relatively close. I made contact with their teams and found what their resources were and was able to utilize their resources and medical knowledge. Your never really are alone.

11. What advice would you pass on to others looking to work in this environment?

If you chose this environment please go in with a open mind, willing to learn and a positive attitude. I have enjoyed all my sights and met a lot of great people.